Northrups Photography Tutorials and Vlog’s

Of all the channels on Youtube available with reviews and information, I have found one that stands out best.  The Northrups Photography Channel on Youtube.  Chelsea and Tony are down to earth, entertaining and explain photography in very easy to grasp vocabulary and concepts for everyday people to understand and are fun to watch.  They demonstrate more in one video that you can attain with reading ton’s of information from books.  “Soft light” versus “hard light” for example, how does one explain that concept in a book without a photo?  Even in a photo, it isn’t sufficient.  For years, with film photography I have struggled to help people understand this that are not professional photographers.   They are not shy to talk straight up without a sales pitch on the products they use.  They will tell you something is reliable and you get what you pay for with a cheap wireless flash trigger versus a more expensive model and manufacturer.

This particular video discusses modeling lighting requirements.  Fashion photography and posing considerations, what makes someone look ordinary versus glamorous and many other photography concepts.  They have many videos that cover all the basics, how-to’s, camera and equipment reviews, explanations of equipment needed and how it used and just about all you need to know.  Even as an advanced photographer, they have information that can be gleaned from this free tutorial.

Take the time to watch some of their videos and see for yourself.  I think you will find too that you can watch these for an hour and not be bored.  With the millions of videos on youtube that get published and ranked, there are so many amateurish and uninteresting ones, the Northrup’s shine way above and that includes many others “Slicker” perhaps in many other fields interest like music or guitar lessons and of all tutorials I have seen over the years.  It’s nice to see ordinary people creating worthwhile and helpful photography information to help everybody whether you have a $50. smartphone to $4,000. DSLR camera to take better pictures.  Just because you have an expensive camera, does not mean you will ever be able to create interesting photo’s.  Just like owning a $5,000. guitar isn’t going to make you the next Eric Clapton.

There are some nice photos taken with 35mm that live on today.  Look at all the photojouralism in the 1970’s, some great shots were made and displayed in Life Magazine, National Geographic Magazine and others.  The world isn’t only just all about color photographs either.  The classic Black and White photography like Ansel Adams demonstrated with a large format camera and long exposure simply cannot be equaled with digital technology.  Certainly, there are creative and great digital photographers and now, 1000’s of them around the world, but there will always only be one Ansel Adams who shot Yosemite way back in time and created Photography into an true Art form.  Photography is a true art form if you treat it as such and take your time to compose a shot, prepare for the right moment or get lucky with timing on something spontaneous.  Enjoy.