Sunset Photo | Canon Elph S100 | August, 2000

This Alaskan Sunset photo was enhanced using Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, where the photo was duplicated into an additional layer and then combined and enhanced.  The Photomerge (®) exposure function was used (Menu | Enhance | PhotoMerge | PhotoMerge – Exposure) to bring out the contrast of the orange of the sky.

I read an article a photographer was asked in an interview somewhere many years ago about which was the best camera he owned.  His answer was the one that was most convenient to use at a seconds notice.  That of course is not a full size SLR.

The point I’d like to make is this nice shot was not made last week by a professional with a 50 megapixel $5,000. DSLR.  If you are professional, you might get a laugh as it is obvious to you.  If you are a beginner, you too can get this sort of photo at even lower light sensitivity and clarity with that tiny little cmos chip in your smartphone.  You don’t need an DSLR.  Pocket Camera’s are great but are now being superceded by digital smart phones.

I did have quite a bit of Black and White photo experience using my father’s Mamiya-Sekor 1000 DTL, then later a Canon SLR for product photos.  This digital photo is nearly an antique.  It was taken 18 years ago with a pocket Canon Powershot Digital S100 Elph 2.1 Megapixel Camera.

Canon Elph S100Canon Elph S100 Compact Flash


This was a great camera, all stainless and size of a pack of cigarettes.  I purchased it within a month after it arrived on the market, specifically for a cruise to Alaska.  It cost ~$600. at the time, but the kicker was that the Compact Flash Memory included was only 8mb (10-12 photos “full size”).  That meant photos at 1600 x 1200 resolution were 600K-1 Mb each and I didn’t have any backup device.  I purchased a 192mb card as I vaguely recall for an additional $300.  Quite an expense compared memory prices today.

I went through and reviewed all these photos I took and realized that most of them were taken at 640 x 480 to conserve precious memory in the camera that had to last the entire vacation.   Amazing how different things are today.  Everybody it seems in even the poorest countries can take photos with their phone, review and retake as necessary instantly and share them instantly on the internet 1/2 around the world within minutes.

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Alaskan Sunset