100,000 Photos from Kodak Film: Vivian Maier

This documentary FindingVivianMaier.com is really a great thing to watch if you enjoy informal street photography in black and white, with traditional Kodak Film.  It’s filled with thousands of her street photos, and you can just imagine the stories behind those photos from 35mm KodakFilm.com. Vivian Maier had the complete traditional 35mm film collection in Black and White Film was housed in a storage unit.  To watch the movie:  Amazon has it for sale or rent. Her photos tell stories that she never told anyone.  She actually kept all her Kodak photo negatives and they were purchased from a storage unit and John Maloof produced a documentary film “The Vivian Maier Mystery” about it all in 2013.   They tell the story as best as they can, pure speculation but the photos speak for themselves about the human condition and humanity.  It’s quite amazing that someone would have 100,000 Kodak film photos stored away in boxes, then died and never shared them. The collection of photos truly documents the human condition and if you are only a hobbyist Photographer or a Professional, the Documentary has something for everyone in it.