Ten Best Photography Links

  1. Northrup’s Youtube Channel   Chelsea and Tony have succinct, easy to understand explanations on everything regarding shooting photos, equipment suggestions and completely down to earth approach and great communication.  Well done.
  2. Karl Taylor:  This iconic rant should be listened to anyone who is stuck on the idea that great cameras = great photos.  Nope.
  3. Ansel Adams Documentary:  About his great large format photographs and more.
  4. 1 Million FPS (Frames per second) high speed photography – video
  5. Art of Dan Erotic Photography on DeviantArt.com
  6. One photograph explains it all.  See F Stop, depth of field and shutter speed.  An entire photography course on one image!
  7. Free eBook in PDF on why he still shoots photos with traditional 35mm film
  8. Ken Burns Induction to Photography Hall of Fame, study the documentaries and how he makes still photos come to life!
  9. Learn how to photograph trails of light by Canon Australia’s tutorial
  10. Madeira Photography Documentary of the beautiful island off the Iberian Peninsula and Africa