How to become a Model? – Step by Step Guide

Want to be the next Cara Delevingne or Gigi Hadid? Well, it’s not that easy to have all the fame and popularity all to yourself without working your ass off, is it? For all the girls dreaming of becoming a supermodel someday, there is one question that you should ask yourself first, could I be a model? Ask yourself that question and be very assured of the steps that you’re going to take to be a successful model and then there are some tips and tricks you have got to follow, to become a model. Read carefully below-

1. What type of model do you want to become?

Knowing and choosing your forte is the first for every raw model. The first step you can take is by knowing what sector in the modelling industry would you prefer better. Not every girl who desires of becoming a model that has perfect height or looks but that does not mean you have to stop dreaming of becoming a supermodel. Basically, everyone can become a model. There are various modelling types where the requirements differ. If you have a perfect height and body, you can consider becoming a runway model. What if you don’t have the right height? No worries, there are companies that hire print models who have perfect features and a beautiful face for photographs for their magazines. Overweight? There are actually higher demands for plus-sized models nowadays as promoting “Size don’t matter” slogan has become such a hit. There are several other models like bikini models, hand and foot models, spokes-model, promotional models, trade show models and many more types of models that you can get into.

how to become a model

2. Maintain your appearance

As much as we give priority to the inner beauty of a person, outer beauty is equally important to become a model. You have to eat healthy and maintain a fit figure to be the face of some renowned brands to attract the crowd. Mainly focus on keeping a healthy and glowing skin consuming healthy foods and regularly exercising, getting rid of the unwanted flab and fat off your body. Next, keep your hair silky and soft. Healthy hair-always looks attractive and makes you look beautiful. A small tip; make water and green leafy vegetables your best friends and junk food your worst enemies.  Skinny models are attractive.  Don’t buy into the trend of gaining weight is ok.

maintain appearance

3. Build your personality

Every agency or even offices look for a whole package in an employee they want to hire. If you want to be in the social media and in front of a crowd you have got to have the looks with an attractive personality. For this you need to first build up your confidence level. Take up mass communication classes, take an initiative while presenting your college or even your class room, this is how you will get habituated to stealing the lime light to yourself. Another thing is the ability to carry yourself. Style is something that comes from within and confidence is something that enhances it. Therefore, pick up your style, your signature pose and just like that you’re ready to go!


4. Pick the right agency

After well-grooming yourself, spend a few days educating yourself about the fashion industry and the agencies that hire models for different brands. This is a very important part where you will want to be look out for the scammers that will ask you for money upfront or will misuse your pictures. While doing your research on choosing the right modeling agencies make sure to look up for questions like: How long have they been working on this field? What type of models do they represent? What is the feed back on these agencies? How many models have they hired and have they done well in the industry? These are some questions you would want to ask yourself before getting yourself into it.

Modeling Agencies

5. Make an attractive portfolio with the right pictures

This is a must. For any agency to hire you, they will first look at how appealing your face is in a photograph. So, present your model portfolio in the best possible way. Make sure you take some professional-looking pictures and if possible do not put much make up on. Forget the selfies on your iPhone.  Have a professional do them.  Take up a good pose and wear a simple tank top and cool shorts that makes your figure look nice and visible. Make sure the picture lightening is perfect so they can have a good look at your face. Remember most of the agencies distribute forms online or they demand pictures first before calling you in for an interview. You want your first impression to be perfect so let your photograph speak for you instead.

models portfolio

6. Prepare yourself for the obstacles

If you are fortunate enough to get through any modeling contract, you should be well aware about the difficulties and obstacles that comes in your way. The Modelling business is beautiful, yet scary. The needs and requirements of the job keeps on changing with different beautiful faces that you will have to compete with. You might have to go through many emotional ups and downs as fame and popularity can be a very hard thing to keep it to yourself. You will come across thousands of people who will want to pull you down or use you as stair to make their way on the top of the model industry. Always have a backup plan so that if you fall, you will have another plan to lean on to. Success needs patience, hard work and a lot of luck.  If you wind up working at Denny’s well.  That’s life.  Find a guy to take care of you, have kids, raise a nice family.  LIke being a Rock Star, Models come by the 1000’s, and so very few make it.

Article credit to Model FAQ, Modified by FotografiaMagazines editors.

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