Nasa Daily Photo’s from 1995

The above photo was in the collection which resides at and copyright and courtesy of NASA who has been collecting a “Photo of the Day” since 1995.  The website has a daily photo page listed in order from the most current date all the way back to 1995.  Over 23 years ago, and at the infancy of the adoption of the internet by the masses. Here is a feed of the latest space related developments that are in the space exploration news

X-Ray Image Cosmos


Images taken above of Cassiopeia A are not created with the normal receipt of photon’s of light, but rather X-Ray’s and are recreated using a false color assignment palate created by engineers on earth.  False Color images are what are used in CT Scans, MRI Imaging and Thermal Images as well. There are no colors that exist in these modes of operation and in order for humans to interpret the data presented, a set of colors from cool (Black and Blue) to warm (Yellow and Red) are assigned to each pixel. Those pixels represent a digital value from 0-255 or 0-XXXXXX, whatever the resolution that can be used in the fast fourier transform to perform the analog to digital conversion.

Remember, while some people feel we live in a “digital world”, we absolutely DO NOT! Every system we live in this world is analog. This is an analog world, in spite of what some idiotic writers and news outlets would make you believe. They seem to have forgotten physics. Other than the computers that use data acquisition methods, the sensors are all analog. Piezo Electronic sensors for example are used to image the baby inside the expectant mother with ultrasound. These sound waves are analog. They are pulsed at a given speed and sent into the body, and reflected back to the same sensor and the value of the the received analog wave signal is converted into a digital number that represents a value, which in turn is a color on the screen or a gray scale like in digital X-Ray’s.

This same technique was used to create the above images with different sensor technology. An X-Ray image from the space photography and telescope which is an analog wave, of a specific wavelength is received and represented as a color digitally on the screen.

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